Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fairbanks Finally Above Normal

Fairbanks topped out at 71ºF Friday, the first day the temperature has been 70 or higher since August 30th. With a morning low of 40ºF, the daily mean of 56ºF was 3 degrees above normal. Here's a plot of daily temperatures this spring.

The long streak of below normal daily means ran from April 4th until May 23, for 49 consecutive days. Using the normals that were effect at the time, the longest consecutive anomaly streak I can find is Oct 18 to Dec 10, 2002, 53 consecutive days with above normal daily means. That streak was bounded by two days that were right at normal (departures of 0ºF). That autumn there were 88 consecutive days between days with a daily average temperature below normal. This spring there were 50 days (April 3-May 23) between above normal days.

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