Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Lightning and Upper Air Data

Just a couple of quick notes this evening.  First, it's worth a comment that the ALDN reported more than 600 lightning strikes yesterday, which is rather unusual for this late in the season.  Since 2012, only 1.2% of Alaska's lightning has occurred after this date, and only a few days in September have seen over 500 strikes statewide.  Peak lightning season (i.e. 50% of all lightning activity) occurs in a 3-4 week window from about June 20 to mid-July, and August typically sees only 10% of the season's total.

There were two "hot spots" yesterday: just to the north of Fairbanks, and in the Susitna valley:


On another note, I managed to put together a first draft of a simple page to view recent charts of Alaska sounding data:


This is not suitable for mobile viewing, unfortunately, and there may be glitches - if so, please let me know.  It would be nice to make a more interactive page with mouseover for historical records, but that will have to be a project for another time.  In the meantime, the page should update daily.


  1. Nice work on the sounding time series site! I've got it bookmarked. If you're ever looking to add to the app, I would suggest a query feature that allows for custom dates. This could be beneficial for creating seasonal reviews and analogs.