Tuesday, April 25, 2023


It's a good thing this didn't happen in winter - unless extreme cold is your sort of thing.  Rick Thoman has posted comments on the latest cold blast, which for some places brought the coldest daytime temperatures on record for this late in the season.


In Fairbanks, Sunday's high temperature of only 17°F was a daily record, but the early May cold of 1945 and 1964 was more extreme: May 8 and May 9 of 1964 saw a high of only 19°F.

Here's a figure showing the coldest on record in Fairbanks for "this late in the season", both for daily high and daily low temperatures.  For instance, the record coldest for late April or later is given by the 1945 record of 17°F on May 2 (not Sunday's 17°F, as that fell on an earlier date).

2021 and 2013 both show up on the chart, along with 1964 of course (but I didn't label all the years).  The two most anomalous events seem to be the -20°F high temperature on March 29, 1944 (no high temperature below zero has ever occurred after March 31), and the -1°F low temperature on May 9, 1964 (no low temperature below 20°F has ever occurred after May 11).

(Note that I'm only using data from the NWS/Weather Bureau era of 1930-present.)

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