Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Yukon at Dawson Still Open

This has been a recurring theme in recent years, and a problem for residents of Dawson, YT: the Yukon River is reluctant to freeze over next to town.  As in some other recent winters, it hasn't been possible to build the usual ice bridge across to West Dawson.  Here's today's webcam view, suggesting that a complete freeze-up won't occur at all this winter:

And a video confirming the flow of water in the open channel:

November and December were significantly warmer than normal in Dawson, but January and February were both slightly colder than normal, so it seems unlikely that the lack of ice can be blamed on the weather.


  1. There is an article written in 2018 about this. There was an evaluation on a proposed WWTP discharge in this area which would interfere with river freezeup. -Mike

    1. Interesting article re various proposals to create a bridge. It would seem finding another location with slower current/colder water/wider river channel might work. Apparently that's not a physical or financial option.


      Dawson ferry? Built for Alaska.