Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Frost Info

I should note that only one of the long-term climate sites in the Fairbanks area have a freeze yet:

Lows Saturday morning:
Eielson AFB: 33F
North Pole: 36F
College Observatory 38F aka UAF West Ridge
Fairbanks Airport: 40F

Lows this morning were similar or a little cooler.
Fairbanks airport kept a breeze most of the night and wound up with a min of 41F
College Observatory: 36F
North Pole: 33F
Goldstream Creek: 27F
Salcha River RAWS: 21F

Hillsides are way above freezing: 47F Saturday morning and 46F this morning here on Keystone Ridge; the CRN site near Fox had 44F Saturday morning and 41F this morning

Eielson did report a min of 30F, about 12 days earlier than average.

The long term Tok coop reported a min of 29F Saturday, the first freeze of the autumn and a week or so later than average.

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