Monday, August 16, 2010

More Heat Numbers

The high temp of 92F in North Pole on Sunday is a new August record. The previous record high was 90F in 1994 . Max temp at Denali National Park HQ was 81F, probably a daily record.

Other highs from the Fairbanks area:

Aurora: 92F
Ester: 91F
Chena Hot Springs: 91F
Goldstream Creek: 90F (CWOP site had 94F but that's a different thermometer, close to the house)
Mile 42 Steese: 88F
Keystone Ridge: 84F (highest August temp in 15 years of records)
Ester Dome: 81F (2200' MSL)

Montana Creek DOT 84F (2100' MSL)
Cleary Summit 84F (2200')

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