Friday, July 26, 2013

Chilly Morning at Eagle

A quick update to note the overnight minimum temperature of 34 °F at Eagle airport; this breaks the daily record of 36 ° set in 1958 and 1968.  However, most of Eagle's daily record minima in late July are 34 ° or lower, so this morning's chill is not all that unusual.  In 2005 the temperature dropped to 29 ° on July 21 and 30 ° on July 31.

Reader Gary asked about a 2013 precipitation chart, so here it is for Fairbanks.


  1. Eagle Airport and the associated ASOS is a couple miles from the cooperative site (in town), where the long-time climate site is located. The ASOS definitely runs cooler than the coop site, which had a low of 38F Friday morning.

  2. Rick,

    Thanks for clarifying the difference. I wasn't clear on where the long-term observations were taken, though I used the records from the airport site for the comparison. What is a good web source to view the coop data? I tried a search on NCDC but the only stations that come up are the airport and a RAWS site. Oddly I also can't find the older Eagle data in the GHCN.