Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Drier

The lack of rainfall in Fairbanks-land is adding up, so to speak. At the Airport only 0.98" of precipitation fell May first through July 15th. This is the third lowest total of record for this period, behind 1957 (0.63") and 1991 (0.94") and only 33% of the 1981-2010 normal. Here's a plot of difference from the long term (1915-2013) mean for this period for each season since 1915:

Precipitation elsewhere in the area is not much better. Here on Keystone Ridge there's been 2.29" in the same period, a paltry 44% of normal. In the upper Chena Basin, the Munson Ridge SNOTEL south of Chena Hot Springs, at 3100" MSL has measured just 3.2" precip since May 1, just 48% of normal.

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  1. Rain's on the way. Follow the wet progress from the SW of Fairbanks here: