Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Weather Factoids

Working on catching up with all the weather while I was gone, so here a few lesser publicized factoids:

  • Thunderstorm at Barrow the evening evening of June 13th is the earliest in the season thunderstorm of record there. Barrow also had the warmest June of record.
  • Umiat RAWS had a high of 90ºF on the 20th, and Sagwon SNOTEL had 85ºF same day.
  • Highest reliable temperature so far is 97ºF at the Amber Lake coop site, southwest of Talkeetna. 
  • Both Nome and Kotzebue tied their all-time record highs, 86ºF and 85ºF respectively.
  • Almost 808,000 acres burned in June; The Lime Hills (201,000 arces) and Moore Creek (160,000 acres) are the largest fires.
    View from Ester Dome Tuesday evening, Courtesy of the FAA

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