Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Slowly Cooling Off

Overnight temperatures are now finally dipping below freezing in colder spots around the interior - and it's about time.  The coldest reports this morning came from the usual places:

Salcha RAWS  22°F

Circle Hot Springs  25°F

Chicken  25°F

Bettles saw its first freeze of the season, 28°F, which is very late: the record latest is September 16 in 1978.

The coldest temperature so far at Fairbanks airport is only 38°F, which ties with 1989 and 2007 for record highest up to this date.

Astonishingly, it appears the autumn colors are *still* not fully developed around the Fairbanks area, although a change is starting to show up.  Webcam views from Nenana and Cleary Summit today:

It's hard to believe that on this date in 1992, the permanent winter snow cover was established in Fairbanks.  See the following write-up from Rick Thoman, with photos from this date 31 years ago!

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