Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fluff Powder

Most of the Fairbanks area received 2 to 3 inches of snow on Friday. One exception was evidently up the Steese Highway, where the observer at 42 Mile (this station is sometimes referred to as Chatanika for simplicities sake, though it's actually some ways beyond Chatanika). Reported 3.0" of snow on Friday morning and another 4.2" Saturday morning, for a total of 7.2" snow on just 0.24" liquid. This is less than one tenth inch more than liquid than other sites, but 3 times or more snow. Assuming that the measurements are correct, and they look plausible, this would be a case of temperatures in-cloud right at the appropriate levels for dendritic flakes coupled with upslope in the gentle westerly flow Friday.


  1. 7.2 inches of snow out of 0.24 liquid. Thats pretty impressive. I bet the skiers are glad you guys finally got some snow around the area.

  2. Ed and Eric said the skiing to work was still okay before this, but this definitely will help!