Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thusday Morning Inversion

The inversion has grown this morning, with temperatures in the cold valley bottoms not much above zero and the hills not much below freezing.
Yesterday the inversion broke, with temperatures by late afternoon basically isothermal in the lowest few thousand feet. The graphic shows the temperature trace from the Fairbanks RAOB at 3am

At 9am the variation looked like this:

Salcha River RAWS: 0F
Chena Hot Springs: +3F
Woodsmoke (North Pole area): +4F
Goldstream Creek: +5F
Fairbanks Airport : +8F

Meanwhile, on the hills:

Cleary Summit: 32F
McGrath Road: 32F
Stuart Creek RAWS: 32F
Keystone Ridge: 31F

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