Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rain Records again

At Fairbanks International Airport:

Total rainfall: 0.94 inches between 5am Monday and 4am Wednesday. This is the greatest November rainfall of record and the second greatest winter rainfall, just short of the 0.99 inches on January 20, 1937. The maximum 24 hour precipitation was 0.68 inches between 6am Monday and 6am Tuesday, This is well short of the November 24 hour record precip of 0.94 inches in 1935 and has been exceeded several other times as well.

Rain fell continuously from 517am Monday until 808pm Tuesday, and then again from 1009pm Tuesday until 327am Wednesday. Measurable rain fell for 31 consecutive hours; every hour between 6am Monday and 1pm Tuesday. More research will be needed to absolutely confirm this, but is most likely the longest period of record of straight rain (not mixed rain and snow) during the winter in Fairbanks.

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