Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainfall so far

Some event total rain amounts

Updated through 10pm AST:

Delta Junction: 0.16"
Fairbanks Airport: 0.45"
Tanana: 0.46"
McGrath: 1.12" (24 hour total)
Nenana: 0.88"

Fairbanks area…
Keystone Ridge 0.60" (6pm)
East Farmers Loop 0.43" (10pm)
Golstream Valley Bottom 0.41 (10pm)
Aurora 0.37" (9pm)
Fairbanks CRN at Gilmore Creek 0.35"

Kobe Hill (near Clear) 0.51" (5pm)
Clear 0.60" (8pm)
Galena 0.64" (6pm)
Whitestone Farms (near Big Delta) 0.30"
Tok 0.00" (8pm)


  1. Wow this looks like a messy situation! Did you make the drive home? I saw some pictures with a lot of cars in the ditch.
    Matthew K.

  2. I worked the 22 shift. Rain started just after 5am. It took me an hour to get home, but I made it. Sounds like the roads got much worse by mid-morning. We are not going to town for the known future.