Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Storm

Analysis from Environment Canada

A rapidly deepening storm in Bristol Bay brought a strong Chinook to the Interior Saturday night and Sunday (4am ADT analysis from Environment Canada on the right). After a week of near or below freezing morning lows, temperatures overnight in many low elevation places in the southern Interior failed to get out of the 50s Saturday night and Sunday morning.  It has been windy in and just to the lee of the mouths of the passes, and most places have had decent breeze. Through 10am ADT Sunday, peak winds reported include:

Fort Greely: 66 mph
Texas Condo: 64 mph (on west side of Donnelly Dome)
Bolio RAWS: 57 mph (near Bolio Lake)
Healy DOT: 48 mph
Otto Lake PWS: 42 mph (south of Healy)

In the Fairbanks area, the highest winds have been in the Eielson AFB area, with a gust to 40 mph at 10am Sunday. 


  1. It's amazing how the wind can push off the cold air that was in place before. Where did the cold air go?

  2. Cold air went south and east. While it seems like the winds and warm air "push" the cold air away, it's useful to think of it as the cold dense air moving around, which is then replaced by warmer, less dense air.