Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unseasonable Warmth in the Eastern Interior

Fairbanks-land had a seasonably cool day Thursday with morning fog and a little light rain...pretty typical stuff for around the autumnal equinox. The far eastern Interior though remained in moderate southerly flow aloft around the backside of a strong high aloft over central british columbia..which allowed for some sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures.

The high of 70 at Northway broke the record for September 20th of 67F set in 1951 (weather observations in Northway date back to 1942). The Climate Reference Network station east of Northway, at the old Seaton Roadhouse site near Alaska Highway Mile 1234 had a high of 75F, while the DOT RWIS at the Alaska-Yukon border had a high of 73F. Tok topped out at 71F, a few degrees shy of the record for the date. Records are a bit higher the next few days, so I would not expect any more records, but it will remain quite mild...and will spread west to Fairbanks for Saturday at least.

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