Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wickersham Dome Weather Station

Big news for Fairbanks area weather buffs: a new automated weather on Wickersham Dome came online yesterday.  It is located near the White Mountains National Recreation area Wickersham Dome Trailhead at Mile 28 Elliott Highway. This is about 20 miles northwest of Fox. The station is at an elevation of 2230' MSL. This is a bit below treeline, and the anemometer is about level with the tops of the tallest trees around it. This is a great place for a weather station and should provide useful temperature and wind information in the winter, plus rainfall data in the warm season. This area gets a lot of convection, and this station fills a big hole in the rain gauge network north of Fairbanks. You can find the data from the Wickersham Dome weather station here and here.

Created by RT with Google Maps

To the right is a map I ginned up showing the locations of real-time reporting weather stations at higher elevations (vaguely) north and west of Fairbanks. I have NOT included any of the CWOP or Weather Underground personal weather stations, as the data availability and quality are highly variable. At the link for this map you can find additional information on the specific sites as well as the weather stations at elevation east of Fairbanks. 

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