Friday, September 7, 2012

Dry as the Airport

Amongst the weather weenies of the Interior, it is common knowledge that the Fairabnks Airport is often the driest place around. Of course it is not always the case, but it sure seem like it sometimes. This is not an ASOS issue; it has been a feature for a long time. I have a co-worker who installed a rain gauge in his back yard in the University West area in the 1980s because he was sure he was getting more rain that the Airport. So, in that vein, here are rainfall totals through the first six days of September, keeping in might it has rained some every day:

Fairbanks Airport: 0.17"
Lemeta (north of downtown) 0.20"
Fairbanks Midtown: 0.26"
North Pole: 0.28"
Gilmore Creek CRN: 0.46"
East Farmers Loop" 0.47"
Goldstream Valley Bottom: 0.54"
Keystone Ridge: 0.77"

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