Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Fairbanks Temperature Update

2013 Temperature in Fairbanks Here is the update on annual temperatures in Fairbanks. The green shaded area represents the middle tercile (1/3) of temperatures. If temperatures are normally distributed (which is the case over the long term) we would expect for the temperature to be above the middle tercile 1/3 of the time, within the middle tercile 1/3 of the time, and below the middle tercile 1/3 of the time. I am experimenting with a new graphing tool so please bear with me if it doesn't work well on a mobile device. If it does work properly, you should be able to move your mouse over the lines to retrieve the daily information. You can also turn on or off items in the legend. We'll see ....

1 comment:

  1. Excellent infograph Brian. Very flexible. Hard to believe we endured last winter/spring and then a short but nice summer in Fairbanks.

    The only downer is the valley air quality. That's the deal breaker for us if it continues. How often has it been poor? Plenty.