Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fairbanks Temperature Update

Reader "citizenschallenge" asked about recent temperatures in Fairbanks, so here is a quick update on the comparison to seasonal norms.  The chart below shows that temperatures have continued on quite a roller coaster, with both significant warmth and cold relative to normal occurring in the past several weeks.  Lately, of course, it's been warmth, with surface temperatures reaching 20 °F or higher for three days at the airport, and above-freezing air being observed aloft on January 1st, 5th, and 6th.  However, a cooling trend is already underway, and much colder conditions will soon emerge once again.


  1. New CPC webpage: http://www.cpcpara.ncep.noaa.gov

    Minus 27F and dropping.


  2. Just checked WeatherUnderground data for temps so far this winter. 3 days of with lows at least -40, 5 of -30 and 12 of -20. Not too bad so far, knock on wood!
    Continued warm forecast almost all the way into Feb as well.
    Thanks, a Reader