Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Snow on the Yukon

A quick update to record the occurrence of some light snow cover this morning on the banks of the Yukon River at Beaver, elevation 340', 105 miles north of Fairbanks.  It was gone by noon as the temperature rose into the mid 30s.

The season is quickly advancing.

Update September 14: Bettles and Coldfoot got in on the action this morning, with some light accumulating snow.

Surface ice cover is evident today on some smaller freshwater lakes on the North Slope, for example near Teshekpuk Lake:


  1. With the extra heat stored in the gulf of Alaska, and a positive PDO I'm guessing on a slow cool down this year. (Similar to last Octobers slow one)
    Should be interesting. Storm activity is increasing already with the Pacific sharing some of its stored heat.

  2. Yes NE bound ex-Pacific storms are interesting...often bringing warmth, wet, and wind to Interior Alaska this time of year.

    The CPC is calling for a warm locally wet Fall with an ENSO-neutral scheme entering winter.



  3. I was looking at fall pictures over the last few years. In 2014 it looks like peak colors were around September 4th, last year we saw them around the 12th including a 76 degree day around the 14th. This year seems a little later but I'd say within a few days of last year's follage change.

  4. They vary by year but then I'm not an arborist...However, I have one Birch out on my remote land that's called "Last Tree". Among all nearby, and around a large lake's circumference, it's annually the last to turn yellow and loose leaves. When all the rest are barren it's still yellow. Not sure of the annual timing. Must be a genetic trait.