Thursday, December 23, 2010

Balmy Hills

204p, Thursday, almost sunset photo from Delta Junction, from the FAA.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, at 7pm Thursday:
North Pole -44F
Eielson: -42F
Fairbanks: -37F
Cleary Summit: -10F
Keystone Ridge: -8F


  1. G'day and Season's Greetings! Why isn't there more ice fog in town at the moment - bit of shifting winds or what? I see it's in the forecast but looks clear-ish at the moment.

  2. Oh, and -8F??? Really?!! Good stuff!

  3. There has been some ice fog around, but more downtown, or at times right on Goldstream Valley Bottom, North Pole urban area, etc. Airport has been mostly out of it. It hasn't stayed near 40 below for the ice fog to envelope the bowl, and will not this time either; clouds are already moving in.