Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Super Cold Siberia

Playing catch-up here: Oymyakon, in eastern Siberia and a perennial cold spot, had a low temperature on Christmas Eve of -75F. The high temperature the 23rd was -69F. That's cold. Even by their lofty standards. This might be exceeded early next week if it clears out.


  1. G'day, Rick - as usual, enjoy your "musings". Have previously followed a webcam and weather at Norilsk - thought that was pretty cold but Oymyakon certainly beats it at least for record lows. Are you holding your breath for the "bottom to fall out" in the Interior - January seems to be "the" month for it. Cheers! Terry

  2. Hi Terry,

    Oymyakon is one of the major cold spots in the world. Several people here visited Yakutsk in February a number of years ago and took a side trip to Oymyakon. They were disappointed it was only 40 below when they were there. They also learned that the weather observation from Oymyakon is not actually in the town but from several miles away, at a higher elevation, and reportedly the town tends to run colder. Also, they seemed to think that the observation there is representative of the area, and not dominated by some microclimate effect.

    My guess is that we'll have a period of cold weather later this winter, but December will be the coldest month, and well not have the prolonged chill again. No science here, just my gut feeling.