Friday, December 10, 2010

First 50

Fort Yukon has the first 50 below of the season in Alaska (I think). The AWOS had 53 below, the RAWS 52 below, the SnoTel 55 below. Take your pick, all three platforms are on the grounds of the Fort Yukon Airport. The Fort Yukon coop observer, who does not live at the Airport, had 50 below.


  1. Is this earlier than normal for the first 50 below? Seems like it is to me. We are sitting here about 100 degrees warmer and quite rainy. We have some co-op observers that get over 200 inches of rain per year in the mountains.

  2. Hum...I don't it's especially early for the Yukon Flats to be in the 50s below. Fairbanks-land was saved by the black stratus. Running in the rain is probably not so great, eh?