Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Building inversion

The inversion has steepened overnight, with temperatures in the valleys running in the 20s below and higher hills near 10 above. Here at Keystone Ridge the temperature jump from 0F at 5am to +6F by 630am as a bit of a breeze picked up. At 6am the reported extremes were -26 at Fort Wainwright and +9F at Clearly Summit.

4pm Update: The inversion has steepened even more, with "nose" of the low level inversion) at about 135 meters AGL at 3pm) some 14C warmer than the surface. The small decrease in temperature above the "nose is due to mixing from wind: here at Keystone Ridge snow blowing out of the trees, and if the wind turbine wasn't still stuck frozen from the rain, we'd be making power.

7pm Update: Whoa hoo…about 5pm winds to 25 mph or so unstuck the wind mill…now +12F and making electric. And an aurora out to boot.

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