Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still No Snow for Fairbanks

Snow is getting closer to Fairbanks. There was a report of eight inches of snow at Summit Lake (on the Richardson Highway), elevation 3200' MSL, Friday night and early Saturday, and some places above 2000' MSL around Fairbanks had a skiff of snow in a brief shower Friday evening. Still, the greater Fairbanks metro area has yet to have measurable snow. We are now past the 75th percentile of dates with measurable snow, i.e. more three-quarters of the time Fairbanks has received measurable snow by this point in the calendar. Here is a histogram showing how the dates are distributed:

The lack of snow is not (just) because it's been too warm. There has been hardly any precipitation recently. Since September 17th the Airport has received just 0.04 inches of precipitation, and none measurable in the past two weeks.

The current forecast is for very little chance of any snow (or rain) in Fairbanks at least through Tuesday and probably beyond that.

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