Friday, October 28, 2011

Strong Inversion

Mild air aloft, clear skies and a thin but continuous snow cover allowed for a strong inversion to develop overnight. Here is a plot of temperatures in the lowest 1200 meters from the upper air sounding launched at Fairbanks about 3am ADT Friday.

Low temperatures in Fairbanks-land through 10am reflect this:

Eielson AFB: -4F
Woodsmoke PWS: -2F
Goldstream Creek: -2F
Fairbanks Airport: +4F
Fort Wainwright: +5F
UAF West Ridge: +6F

Goldstream Hills CWOP: 19F (1100'MSL)
Ester Dome CWOP: 19F
Keystone Ridge: 18F
Cleary Summit: 18F
Parks Hwy RWIS near FNSB Boundary: 18F

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