Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Super Duper Inversion

Fairbanks-land is approaching an inversion strength of 40 degrees Wednesday morning. Some 9am AST temperatures include:

Woodsmoke CWOP: -34F  (near North Pole)
Goldstream Creek: -29F
Fort Wainwright: -29F
Fairbanks Airport: -25F
UAF West Ridge: -15F
College Hills CWOP: -10F (near top of Baline Hill)
Skyflight CWOP: -3F (ridge above Goldstream Creek)
Nenana Hills RWIS: 0F (at FNSB boundary on Parks Highway)
Wickersham Dome +7F
Keystone Ridge: +9F


  1. Very good example of what actually happens - living in the hills is nice ;-) I have rellies in the hills and at NP.

  2. earlier this month when we asked if this November will be cold like year's, and if there is a possibility of another deep cold winter, you were skeptical and rejected my outlook. My prediction of a cold La Nina winter this year turned out to be quite correct.

  3. Dude—get a grip. It's not even December 1st yet. A little early to be filling in the verification for the winter.