Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here It Comes…

The stage has been set for the upcoming ice event. Here is the 11am AST Saturday GOES infrared image. The high aloft is obvious over the eastern Gulf of Alaska, with the deep plume of subtropical moisture on the west side of the high.
Courtesy NWS Alaska Region

The 500mb analysis for 3am Saturday shows the ridge extending from the eastern Pacific across Alaska and phasing with the high near the Pole that has been around in some form for nearly a month.
Courtesy Environment Canada

Fairbanks-land remains right on the edge of the chinook shadow. ANY rain will create very icy roads, and a 12-24 hour period of above freezing temperatures will not help. The numerical guidance is in agreement on driving colder air back into the Interior Monday night. Any ice that accumulates on roads will certainly be with us until spring.

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