Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Storm Summary

I'll update this has I have time, but some preliminary numbers:

For Monday 13 Jan 2013

Fairbanks Airport: 0.22" precip and 0.4" snow. Estimated 0.17" of the preci total was rain.
This is easily the biggest January rain since 1963.

North Pole (KJNP): 0.36" rain, trace snow
Woodsmoke (near North Pole): 0.37" rain and 0.2" snow. 
UAF West Ridge: 0.22" and 0.8" snow (9am Mon-9am Tue) and 0.01" precip Monday morning.
Courtesy of IARC at UAF

The Arctic front moved through the area late Monday evening, as vividly illustrated on the temperature plot from Smith Lake, just west of the Experimental Farm at UAF. 

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