Monday, January 28, 2013

Nip in the Air

Courtesy of the FAA

Ice fog was quite dense this morning in Fairbanks  but had almost completely burned off by mid-afternoon, as evidenced by these two views from Ester Dome, the top one from 1138am AST and the bottom one four hours later.  Temperatures are rapidly warming aloft now and winds have picked up at elevation and channeled valleys.

Here are some low temperatures reported the past couple days:

Chicken Co-op: 62 below
Eagle Co-op: 57 below
Two Rivers: 54 below
Eielson AFB: 52 below
North Pole: 52 below
Fort Wainwright: 51 below
Fairbanks Airport: 48 below
Aurora: 45 below
Gilmore Creek: 45 below
UAF West Ridge: 44 below
Keystone Ridge: 29 below

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  1. Now Nip's on the ground with the Tanana Jet and resulting chill factors. Baro falling...all good for a wx change.