Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Midsummer Frost

Clear skies and light winds under an approaching ridge aloft allowed temperatures to fall below freezing in some locations last night, despite the date being within a week of the summer solstice.  Here are some of the minimum temperatures reported:

26F   Marguerite Creek RAWS near Healy 13NE (1735' elevation)
27F   McKinley River RAWS (863')
27F   Denali Visitor Center (1650')
28F   Chalkyitsik RAWS
28F   Salcha RAWS
29F   Angel Creek RAWS (1100')
29F   Goldstream Creek CWOP
30F   Goldstream Creek COOP
32F   Circle Hot Springs COOP
32F   Chicken COOP

Here's the 3am AKST 500mb analysis.


  1. Goldstream Creek north of Fairbanks is an interesting cold sink. Lots of flow downstream in the river valley from the Fox/Gilmore Creek area, and if riding by in the evening on a motorcycle, the cool air descending the hills to the north can be readily felt. Leave the drainage and it warms up again.


  2. Great information, thanks for the share!