Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Stats

Fairbanks Airport: Average Temperature -17.9F, 12.0F below normal and coldest December since 1980. Overall, 11th coldest of record. High for the month 19F, low -41F. Snow 4.1 inches.

Update: The low mean temp was entirely the result of a lack of mild weather. There was no deep cold to speak of. Only three days with highs of 30 below or colder. No significant ice fog.


  1. Interesting. Not in line with what some people suggest is the case.

  2. Not disagreeing, Rick - just commenting on a month of record cold, the coldest December since 1980, as you mentioned. And you were right about the chinook, too it seems. Interior weather is always interesting. Cheers! Terry

  3. Terry,

    I've noticed in the past that peoples' perception of cold in the Interior is very much tied to the occurrence, or lack thereof, of sustained 40 below weather, regardless of what the longer period averages might be. Hence 1988-89 is widely regarded as one of the coldest winters ever. In fact, it is the only La NiƱa winter (Dec-Feb) with an average temperature well above normal. But for three weeks, it was very, very cold. Thanks for your comments!