Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Saga Continues

Early Friday morning the area of enhanced fluff powder moved east. While Fairbanks airport only wound up with 1.7 inches, North Pole received about 4 inches of snow between 11pm and 6am, Salcha 3 inches, 2 Mile Chena Hot Springs about 3. Meanwhile, here on Keystone Ridge, only 0.6 inches between 9pm and 8am. So much more the "upslope" explanation! All of this came out of clouds with tops around 6000 ft!

Storm totals specifics:

Keystone Ridge: 3.9 inches snow, 0.10 liquid inches (3pm)
East Fort Wainwright 3.5 inches snow, 0.11 inches liquid (8am)
Gilmore Creek: 3.0 inches snow, 0.03" inches liquid (3pm)
University Experiment Station: 2.0 inches snow, 0.05 liquid inches (8am)
UAF West Ridge: 2.0 inches snow, 0.05 liquid inches (9am)
Fairbanks Airport: 1.7 inches snow, 0.12 liquid inches (3pm)

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