Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nippy Morning

It's a nippy morning; in Interior Alaska: there isn't much cloud on this GOES-11 infrared image north of the Alaska Range; the white is mostly cold air pooled in the valleys.

Lows reported thus far this morning include:

Chicken Coop: -55F
Fort Yukon AWOS -54F
Birch Creek RAWS: -52F (btwn Central and Circle)
Fort Yukon Coop: -51F
Bettles: -51F
Circle Hot Springs: -49F
Central: -47F

Manley Hot Springs: -47F
Eagle Airport: -45F
Tanana: -43F
Eagle Coop: -42F

In the greater Fairbanks area:

Woodsmoke: -45F (near Badger Road)
Eielson AFB: -43F
Goldstream Creek: -43F
East Fort Wainwright: -43F
Fairbanks International: -40F
University Experiment Station:-33F
UAF West Ridge: -33F
Keystone Ridge: -16F


  1. I have family up off Murphy Dome Road and he continually sings the praises of living "up" in the hills! -16F at Keystone - pretty impressive demonstration of the situation :-)

  2. I did a study some years ago which showed that with using a base 50F heating degree day, hill places use about 10% less fuel to heat a building than valley locations.