Monday, January 3, 2011

Extent of the Inversion Buster

The Chinook burst during the early morning of Sunday that sent the temperature at the airport soaring to 41 degrees, tying the record high for the date, was not able to completely scour out the subfreezing area from all the low lying areas. This was evident right on Goldstream Valley bottom, where snow still clung to the spruce on Monday afternoon. Here are some high temperatures for the event:

Chena Hot Springs: 42F
Eielson AFB: 42F
Fairbanks Airport: 41F
UAF West Ridge
Aurora: 40F
Keystone Ridge: 38F
Fairbanks Upper Air: 34F (this is less than 0.5 kilometers from the ASOS)
Goldstream Valley Bottom: 28F
Goldstream Creek: 25F

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