Monday, September 5, 2011

Here comes ex-Talas

Here's the surface analysis for 10am ADT Monday from the Ocean Prediction Center. The 956 mb low southeast of Kodiak Island is the remains of tropical storm Talas, and is making for a pretty windy wet day on the Gulf coast. Kodiak has had gusts to around 50 mph and Middleton Island about 65 mph.

Update: As of 5pm ADT, Middleton Island has had winds 63 gusting to 78 mph. The Cape Cleare buoy (46076), a little southwest of Middleton Island has reported similar winds with seas of 26 ft.

Update 2: My old colleague Stu Ostro, who works as a Senior Meteorologist at the Weather Channel, pointed out to me that this storm is not really the remains of Talas, though some of energy may be from Talas. I hang my head. Still though, a deep storm for Labor Day.

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