Saturday, September 17, 2011

Still no Freeze

It's a lovely morning for the Equinox Marathon, with temperatures around 40F for the start of the race. Runners have had to slog through snow on Ester Dome in some years, but not this one.

Between 1952 and 2005 the first freeze of the autumn at the Fairbanks Airport was September 20th or later five times (in 54 years). Since 2005, the first freeze has been September 20th or later EVERY autumn. The low temperature so far has been 36F, and both the overall pattern and numerical guidance suggests this year will continue that strong trend.

It's not just the airport either, as Fairbanks Midtown, University Experiment Station and UAF West Ridge Co-op sites have all yet to see a freeze, and none of the hill sites have been close to freezing. The cooler valley spots have of course, although the low of the season thus far at KJNP in North Pole (the oldest of the Co-op sites in the North Pole area) is just 29F.

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