Monday, December 12, 2011

Messy Image

This 430pm AST Monday GOES-15 image shows lots of (disorganized) clouds across eastern mainland Alaska, while a tight cyclone is impacting the central Aleutians.

The Anchorage area received 6-12 inches of snow in town and up to two feet of new snow on the upper hillside. Amounts in Fairbanks-land have been mostly an inch or two, but with enough southwest wind to blow the snow around in town, always a notable event. However, it remains very mild, with temperatures so far stuck in the teens and 20s.

The Sea Level Pressure at Adak at 5pm AST Monday was 959mb with the low center just to their east.

Updated: The minimum pressure in this storm at Adak was 951.2mb at 1016pm AST Monday.

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