Monday, December 3, 2012

40s Below in Fairbanks-land

Monday morning brought the first 40s below temperatures to the colder areas around Fairbanks. However, a moderate pressure gradient produced some wind at higher elevations, keeping temps considerably warmer.

Low temperatures reported so far include:
Woodsmoke PWS: -45F (near North Pole)
UAF Smith Lake: 43 below
Eielson AFB: 42 below
Fort Wainwright: 41 below
Goldstream Creek: 40 below
Fairbanks Airprot: 38 below

The inversion was not especially sharp: with lower hillside low temps including:

UAF West Ridge: 37 below
College Hills PWS: -34F (near top of Baline Hill)
Gilmore Creek CRN: -27F

Meanwhile, at higher elevation, overnight lows include:

Keystone Ridge: -9F
Cleary Summt: -11F
Wickersham Dome: -13F

The downward trend in temps the past week is nicely illustrated by this 7 day plot of 2-meter temperatures from the UAF Smith Lake site:

Courtesy IARC at UAF


  1. Can we get an update of the temperature anomaly graph? Thanks

  2. Do you know why Keystone ridge doesn't show up on Wx Underground anymore??

    1. The Wx Underground station KAKFAIRB11 is run by one of my neighbors. I understand he has had hardware issues lately but is hoping to be back online soon.