Sunday, December 30, 2012

Denali Heat Wave

Temperatures Sunday morning have boomed into the 40s in Denali Park area with pretty decent chinook underway. Peak winds so far include 58 mph at Antler Creek RWIS (between Healy and Glitter Gulch), 49 mph at Healy (at the DOT camp) and 43 mph at the Otto Lake PWS. The NOAA-18 infrared image from just before 6am AST Sunday shows the occlusion in an arc across the central Interior. Note the mountain wave clouds just to the south of the high cloud edge.

Courtesy of NWS Alaska Region
Temperatures at 8am (ish) Sunday on the east side of the Park include:
Healy: 46F
Denali Park Airstrip: 45F
Antler Creek RWIS: 45F
Otto Lake PWS: 44F
Denali Park HQ: 41F

The high temperature of 42F at Denali Park HQ Coop is not a record for Dec 30th. That is still 48F set in 2000.

West of the Toklat River it's warm too:

Stampede Airstrip:42F
Wonder Lake: 44F
Kantishna: 44F

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