Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Cold Goes On

Courtesy NWS Alaska Region
Here's a very nice NOAA-18 infrared image from 542am AST Saturday. Except for some clouds over the southern Yukon Territory and cirrus wisps over the Beaufort Sea, this is a clear sky image. The cold pooled in many valleys, the dramatically warmer hills. Tanana Valley jet other drainage wind regimes blowing over the flats on the north side of the Alaska.  The comparatively mild North Slope. You could do a seminar on Interior Alaska winter weather just from this image.

Some lows reported through 9am in Fairbanks-land Saturday include:

Woodsmoke PWS: -47F (near North Pole)
Goldstream Creek: -44F
Eielson AFB: -44F 
Fairbanks Airport: -43F
Fort Wainwright: -43F
UAF West Ridge: -37F
College Hills PWS: -21F
Skyline Drive PWS: -10F
Keystone Ridge: -6F
Cleary Summit RWIS: -3F

In the eastern Interior…

Eagle co-op: -54F
Fort Yukon Airport: -54F
Fort Yukon co-op: -53F
Coal Creek RAWS: -53F
Northway -50F

And we await the Chicken report…The Chicken RAWS up on the hills is -53F, a couple degrees colder than Friday. Do I hear a -60F?

Updated: Nope, we don't have a -60F at Chicken co-op: low of -57F.


  1. Maybe Santa will take a few of the cold "H's" south with him Christmas Day to share with others, and leave an "L" or two under our tree.


  2. Are there two reporting stations at Chicken? One up on the hill and the other in the valley I assume?

    1. Trung,

      Yes, there is a RAWS at the BLM Camp on the hill above Chicken. The Co-op site is next to Chicken Creek.