Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nippy Sunday

Courtesy of Alaska Climate Research Center
December's off to a cold start, though the inversion is not especially strong this morning.  The 1025am AST sunrise photo from the Alaska Climate Research Center on UAF West Ridge shows only minimal ice fog over the west side of town.

 Low temperatures through 9am Sunday include:

Woodsmoke PWS: 41 below (near North Pole)
UAF Smith Lake: 39 below
Fort Wainwright: 37 below
Eielson AFB: 36 below
Goldstream Creek: 36 below
Fairbanks Airport: 35 below
UAF West Ridge: 33 below
College Hills: 27 below
Keystone Ridge: 23 below
Nenana Hills RWIS: 21 below
Wickersham Dome: 14 below
Cleary Summit: 13 below

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