Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dramatic Temperature Swings

Interesting temperature variation the past day in Fairbanks-land. Here is a plot of hourly temperatures from a number of locations.

The max temperatures early in the morning make a useful case study: Eielson reach their max temperature when the southeast winds broke through ahead of the trough, so are hour or so earlier than the other valley locations (in spite of Eielson being the eastern-most of these stations), where the max temp occurred with a short pulse of weak southwest wind following the trough. At elevation (Keystone Ridge), there was no spike in temperature at all, where most of the wind occurred Tuesday evening.

High temps (not just hourly) occurred 5-7am:

Eielson AFB: 26F
Keystone Ridge: 21F
Fairbanks Airport: 16F
Woodsmoke PWS: 11F (near North Pole)
Goldstream Creek: 7F

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