Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Record Low at Fairbanks and Eielson AFB

The low temperature Tuesday at Fairbanks International reached 35 below at 1114pm. This is a new record for November 15th, breaking the previous record of 33 below set in 1969. Eielson AFB has already set a record low for Wednesday, November 16th. At 4am AST the temperature at Eielson was 38 below, breaking the previous record for 37 below set in 1956. North Pole had a low of 39 below on Tuesday, one degree shy of the record low of 40 below also set in 1969.

The inversion is slowly growing, with temperatures in the hills steady in the teens below.


  1. Is this early in the year for a cold snap? I guess it must be somewhat abnormal if records are being broken.
    Matthew K.

  2. Matthew,

    Yes, this is definitely early for 40 below cold, but by no means unprecedented. November 1989 had a similar cold snap before the 15th and the 1956 mid-November cold snap was deeper than this one.

    update: check out Corey's statement from this (Saturday) morning; the duration of this event is becoming significant.