Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strong Inversion

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Here's a plot of the lowest 500 meters of the upper air sounding from Fairbanks this (Saturday) morning. A fairly typical "strong inversion" situation, worth 30+ degrees F. Readily reflected in the surface observations.

At 8am…

Fairbanks Airport -35F
Eielson AFB -37F
Woodsmoke PWS -41F (near North Pole)

Cleary Summit -3F
Keystone Ridge -5F
Parks Highway RWIS -8F (at FNSB border)

Looks like this will change early next week as a tight cold low drops south from the high Arctic into the western Interior. I expect the inversion will largely break with clouds and light snow. There is a good chance that the hills will have somewhat lower temperatures than earlier this week while the lowlands will be substantially warmer than it has been.

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