Monday, October 27, 2014

Sub Zero Temps

Fairbanks nearly recorded their first sub-zero temperature of the season this morning. If they had, the date would have been only 1 day behind schedule. Figure 1 shows the low temperatures this morning. The first 0°F of the season at the official climate site for Fairbanks has occurred as early as October 3rd and as late as November 22. Figure 2 shows the annual date of the first 0°F day since 1904. Finally, Figure 3 shows the earliest 0°F observation for each climate station in the greater Fairbanks area for stations with at least 15 years of observations that extend into the 2000s. Every station has experienced 0°F temperatures before the end of October. North Pole is the winner with a 0°F reading on September 26, 1983.

Figure 1. October 27, 2014 low temperatures from the University of Utah's Mesowest site.

Figure 2. Date of first 0°F temperature for Fairbanks.

Figure 2. Earliest date of 0°F temperature for all GHCN stations around Fairbanks with at least 15 years of data ending no earlier than 2000.


  1. I suspect it was sub-zero at the AP#2 location (+2F at midnight ADT). Looks like the UAF Smith Lake site reached -7F.

  2. It was an unofficial +1 off College Road near Creamer's Field this am.

    And with this cold inversion came the first day I've seen and smelled our polluted winter air at valley level. Driving down from the University Hill I could first see and then later smell the acrid air near the airport.

    It has a visible blueish tinge. The NWS and Borough have issued an air quality alerts ( Welcome to winter.