Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alaska Grab Bag

Some miscellaneous tidbits from around Alaska in this active winter weather:

It's another cold one Saturday morning in the western Interior. Lows through 10am include 54 below in Huslia and Tanana and 53 below at Galena and Kaltag. Here's an icy foggy webcam shot (courtesy of the FAA) from Ambler late Saturday morning, where it was 40 below at the airport, up on the ridge above town.

On Thursday, Nome dipped to 40 below for the first time since 1999, and Friday was the 10th straight day with a low of 30 below or lower. This is now the most severe cold snap in the Gold Rush City since January 1989, the big kahuna of western Alaska cold snaps.

Valdez received 38.5 inches of snow Thursday and Friday, with 272.1 inches of snow for the season and a snow depth of 76 inches. The record winter snowfall in Valdez is 560.7 inches in 1989-90.

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