Friday, January 27, 2012

Now it's Getting Cold

The 320am NOAA-19 Polar Orbiter infrared image shows it is cold over the western Interior. Fairbanks is near one of the last remaining areas of clouds.

As of 7a Friday, lows include:

Tanana 56 below
Hulsia: 56 below
Galena Airport: 53 below
Kaltag: 50 below

More to come…


  1. Here's a color-enhanced POES AVHRR IR image, showing a number of areas exhibiting -50 C or colder (purple color enhancement) surface IR temps:

  2. Joel: looks like something of s pattern change next week is in the offing.

    Scott: Thanks for the link. Just eyeballing it the radiance derived temperatures look a few degrees colder than the METARS, which is typical.