Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slowwww Warming

Here's the plot of low level temperatures from Fairbanks. It continues to oh so slowly warm aloft. At 10am AST, Cleary Summit was up to -16F, and at 11am here on Keystone Ridge it was -22F. Meanwhile, at 11am, -50F at Fairbanks International.


  1. It's been painful temperatures - been looking for info on the White Mts at some elevation, maybe 20 miles out of Livengood - any suggestions? Some of the usual sites are pretty lame. Thanks for posting, as usual.

    1. Terry,

      Regrettably, there are no real-time weather obs in the White Mountains. Caribou Peak RAWS (north of Poker Flats) and the Cleary Summit RWIS are at representative elevations. There are some NRCS snow courses that will give some snow depth info over the next few months.

      We've talked the need for something at Wickersham Dome but nothing has come of it thus far.